Monday, November 25, 2013

Visit to Kunri, Umerkot Sindh- Kunri Mirch Mandi,

A couple of friends decided to visit Umerkot, the birth place of Akbar the land of the famous folktale "Omer-Marvi". Although myself have visited Umerkot several times for official trips but never had the chance to see the world's famous Kunri Mirch Mandi. 
It was sure a surprise, even before seeing the Mirch Mandi one can easily smell the rich and strong aroma of the red chilies. Myself and my friends along with the local peasant when got out of the car started to sneeze like crazy. The strong smell hits your nostrils and then water comes rushing out of the eyes. The merchants as well as the laborers were normal and were laughing to see us sneezing like hell.
Well, I must say that it is one of the most spectacular site and wish that people of the world can see such a wonder. Another important thing that I want to highlight that in Umerkot the majority of the people are Hindus, and as witnessed from the famous Umerkot Fort, Mosques and Temples side by side with people mingling freely is a sure delight. The world needs to know that Pakistan is a vibrant colorful, peaceful place rather the one being promoted by a few. 

I tell all that if you have not witnessed the  Kunri Mirch Mandi, then you have missed a wonder of the world.

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