Sunday, March 2, 2014

The Tale of 2 Schools

Well, today I went to a fun filled carnival organized by Foundation Public School in their O level campus in Defence, the theme was "Be Creatively Alive" which was an artistic fusion of colours, threads, clay, dance and music. The students performed well, and it sure a delight to see the creativity and enthusiasm of these kids. The kids were encouraging their fellow students with cheers and alot of applause, some witnessing the shows from balconies while some were busy taking pictures from their Smart Phones and DSLR cameras.

As the Defence campus is located near a locality where it is rather difficult to find parking space, so arrangements were made in a school compound of Pakistan Railways. Where you can see alot of boys playing cricket and admiring the rich getting out of their luxury cars going to their children school without noticing the fact, that indeed where they have parked their cars is actually a very old and historic school.

The two opposing school portrays the reality of our society's gap between the have and have nots.
If we do not do something to bridge the gap our society will turn into heartless coal that burns bright in the heat, blackens and burn everything that comes in its way just like the building of the Pakistan Railways Secondary School.