Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Shamanism Practice in Pakistan

The practice of Shamanism in Pakistan is an interesting topic being explored by Afsheen Sajid Ali, of Geo Tv. The documentary will be aired by Geo Tv through their Geomentary Program.

The practice of Shamanism is first completely misunderstood by the ordinary people and most of the people who are not even Shaman are labelled as one. I being an anthropologist, tries to answer some of the myths and clear the misunderstanding about the concept of Shamanism its origin and relation to anthropology. The practice of Shamanism in Pakistan and in other parts of the world and whether Shamanism can be labelled as a "Religion'.

Shamans of Hunza (Bitan)

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Anonymous said...

Is this (shamanism) a mania?, I psycho-mania that a few people among us suddenly verto transcendental and come up with predictions which rarely to be true.